Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hugo create competition...

I was looking online for design competitions and came across one for Hugo Boss, the brief was to create a piece of design that portrayed Surrealism in a modern way.

My designs

This was my first attempt, i used images from a magazine and manipulated them on photoshop, i then added surreal elements to fit the brief. The surreal theme of my design was surreal seduction. The Hugo Boss aftershave had to be incorporated into the design, i have tried to portray the aftershave to be light and uplifting and with the inclusion of the man it shows how seductive it can be. I decided to stick to black and white because i feel it has a more sophisticated feel to it. With the Hugo logo at the bottom left i have added a rose trying to portray a romantic atmosphere.

This is my second attempt and the design that i submitted, again i have used the mens body but this time i have morphed several together to create an 'ideal' man. He then has a bottle of Hugo Boss aftershave as his head to show he is a Hugo Boss head, it also adds to the surreal elements. Again i have used objects that are light and uplifting to reflect upon the aftershave. I particularly like the bottles of aftershave being lifted by the hot air balloons. I have tried to keep my design simple and to the point as this is how i enjoy working, its my style.

My work on the Hugo create website :) 

Thursday, 9 December 2010